Governance and Riskscales

During times of change it is critical that there is effective and governance and risk management capability within a business if expected benefits are going to come to fruition. We have experience in the design, build and execution of governance strategy and plans aimed at ensuring that big changes are enacted in a controlled way which is enduring over time.

We can help organisations with the following:

  • Audit of current capability to assess key strengths and weaknesses coupled with remediation plans.
  • Development of practical governance strategy and framework tailored to the individual need of an organisation.
  • Advice and guidance on the application of business conduct and ethical standards.
  • Design and application of effective risk management capability.
  • Application of discipline and rigour to organisational change programmes.
  • Development of strength and reputation in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Getting these things right can have a huge positive impact the behaviours of people and the culture of an organisation whatever its size and complexity.