Workplace disputes can be very costly and time consuming for management. They can also have a negative effect on employee relations and on the wider organisation.

So a proactive approach aimed at resolving the dispute in a timely way can be very beneficial for all concerned. It can prevent things escalating to a more formal route potentially involving claims an Employment Tribunal and the inevitable costs that then arise.

Mediation is proving to be a highly effective way of resolving disputes before escalation occurs and the fallout affects the rest of your business.

We provide fully accredited workplace mediation capability backed up by experience of handling disputes in a confidential, sensitive and pragmatic manner. With the agreement of parties, we can professionally handle all the key stages of mediation. In addition to building an agreement we can also offer ongoing follow up in some cases to help support a lasting solution agreed by the parties.

Savings in management time and productivity coupled with fewer escalating disputes and the positive effect this can have on employee relations makes mediation a truly worthwhile intervention.